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The first gym for surfers

Our program is designed to help the average surfer catch more waves, feel stronger in the water and have more fun enjoying the sport you love

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Training should be fun!

At SRF our goal is to help you feel better. We are surfers, athletes, moms, dads and weekend warriors. Who wants to go to 24 hour fitness and hack it out with dumbbells for an hour? Not us! So our program is designed to make you stronger, more powerful and flexible. We offer hour long classes where we work on our balance, functional strength, core and flexibility. We also have fun while doing it!



Find the Right One for You

SRF offers a weekly schedule of classes for every fitness fan. Each class is one hour and with our unlimited membership option, you can train as much as you would like. We offer Surf Specific Training, Bootcamp, as well as a Yoga for Athletes class. Create your own personalized schedule by choosing the classes that suit your needs.


Our surf training classes consists of a dynamic flexibility warm-up, power, strength, agility, balance and core training. Our program is based around "surf specific movements" that will get you surfing better in weeks. We use TRX suspension trainers, Indo-Boards, light kettlebells & dumbbells, stability & medicine balls as well as other equipment. We also work on increasing your lung capacity. If you truly enjoy surfing then this class is designed for you!


Bootcamp is where we sweat and kick ass! This class is designed to help increase your overall fitness. Each class consists of a warm-up, power, strength and flexibility training. We run, jump, push, pull and utilize a lot of equipment. We push you outside your comfort zone but in a safe environment. You will leave this class feeling good and energized because you're getting stronger in every movement and you'll be feeling better in weeks!


A large portion of our clients are kids! We work with kids as young as 8 up to 13 years old. The goal for our kids program is simple: help them move more efficiently while getting stronger. We focus on balance, body control, agility, relative strength and power. Correct form is key and we ensure each athlete is performing to the best of their ability. We also make sure the kids are having fun and getting better inside and outside the gym!


The very first online training App for surfers. Perfect for the surfer who wants to utilize our training programs from the comfort of their own home gym. Personalized coaching to help you get into the best surf shape of your life!


At Orange County Surf Coaching we believe surfing should be an enjoyable experience and surfing's greatest value is the role it plays in the development of character and life skills. Our goal is to embody the statement above and to provide a safe, positive and inclusive environment for all surfers. Simply put “Surfing Is For Everyone!”
Our program teaches individuals more than just surfing, we install a mindset that will be carried into everyday life and the future. We teach our participants time management skills, teamwork, problem-solving, and communicational skills that they will carry in and outside of the water.



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