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We've been helping SURFERS unlock their true potential for over 10 years. And now we're bringing our Online Coaching Services to you! Stay "SRF FIT" from the comfort of your own home

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SRF Trainer APP

Daily Workouts

Online Workout Programs

SRF Trainer App

Weekly Coaching Programs

  • 3 personalized  workouts delivered to your phone every week

  • Workout programs based on your specific goals and equipment

  • Weekly check-ins with your SRF Coach

  • No long-term commitments

  • Cancel Anytime!

Michael Dunphy

Pro Surfer

"I'm always traveling so it really helps when I have workouts I can do from my phone. Paul sends me workouts and I just pull them up on the SRF Trainer App. It makes my life a lot easier and helps me stay loose between contests."

Daily Workouts

Workouts for only 1 Dollar!

  • Daily Workouts delivered to your phone

  • In-home workouts with minimal equipment

  • Full access to our daily workout library

  • No long-term commitment

  • Cancel anytime

  • Help support local gyms

Torrey Meister

Big Wave Surfer

"I utilize the SRF Trainer App when I'm traveling to contests and chasing swells. The app has so many exercises that I can filter thru by equipment which makes it easy to stay in shape on the road."

Online Workout Programs

One time workout programs

  • Personalized workouts designed for your goals

  • One-time fee workout programs

  • Choose from 1-3 workouts

  • Exercise program based off your own questionnaire

  • Includes 1-3 months of FREE SRF Trainer App access

  • Also includes 1 check-in with a SRF Coach

Kanoa Igarashi

Pro Surfer

"I've been training with Paul for over 10 years and I love his workouts. His exercise knowledge for surf specific programming is next level and I couldn't have gotten this far without it."

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