Our Philosophy

Surf Ready Fitness (SRF) is a gym for surfers, plain and simple! Open since 2012, we cater to surfers, weekend warriors, moms, dads, groms and anyone that wants to improve their fitness. We're currently operating out of a 2400 sqft warehouse about 1 mile from the beach, located in Costa Mesa. Our gym is not a typical gym though! You won't see machines lining the walls or a plethora of treadmills stacked in front of TV's. We have an open floor concept where we utilize lots of functional equipment like Indo Boards, Bosus, TRX Suspension Trainers, bands, stability balls, medicine balls,  Kettlebells and light dumbbells. We focus on functional power and strength with stability and correct movement being the overall goal. It's not about lifting heavy weights or performing exercises that have zero carryover; it's about using a scientific approach to exercise programming and performing those movements and exercise routines in a safe and structured environment. A solid foundation is required before you start introducing more difficult exercises and that requires taking a step back and looking at the body as one moving unit. We have to put all of the pieces together if we want to move more efficiently and one basic approach isn't going to work for everyone. 


With each workout you can expect to receive an all encompassing program which covers our SIX Pillars of programming:

  • Muscle Activation & Movement Prep

  • Functional Power & Strength

  • Dynamic Stability & Balance

  • Core, Mobility & Flexibility

  • Breathing & Alignment

  • Endurance & Metabolic Conditioning

We pride ourselves on giving the best workout possible and strive to make sure your form is perfect! Our workouts are fun and we focus on the things that will help you move better, pain free. SRF has been featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Men's Fitness Magazine and was also voted Top 7 gyms in OC by LOCALE Magazine. 



Surf Ready Fitness was featured in Sports Illustrated for their success in the surf fitness world


Surfline.com article on Paul Norris and the elite surfers that workout at Surf Ready Fitness


Surf Ready Fitness was featured on ESPN.com for their work in the surf industry.


Surfline.com article featuring Paul Norris on the best core exercises surfers can do to improve.


Paul Norris and long time client, Kanoa Igarashi


The SRF coaching staff has over 20 years experience working with surfers and training athletes. We help surfers of all levels improve performance thru functional training methods. Our coaching staff is made up of surfers and athletes who posses their degree in Exercise Science as well as multiple training certifications.


Paul Norris

B.S. Exercise Science, NASM Sports Performance Training

Paul has been training athletes for almost 20 years and specifically surfers for over 10 years. He got his start with the strength and conditioning department at the University of South Florida. From there he was a sports performance coach for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball team. Then a lucrative job position with Velocity Sports Performance landed him in SoCal where he started training surfers. He opened SRF in 2012 and his resume includes world tour athletes, Kanoa Igarashi, Courtney Conlogue, Torrey Meister, Brett Simpson, Michael Dunphy, Erin Brooks, Lucca Mesinas, and other surfing standouts.


Cameron Schafer

Certified Sports Performance Coach
B.S. Kinesiology, NASM CPT

Cameron developed an interest in fitness and athletics in high school, which would eventually lead to a deep passion for progression and longevity. It was during this time that he also began surfing and devoting more time to improving in the sport which led to wanting to work with athletes in some capacity. Cameron graduated from Cal State Long Beach, where he received a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Psychology. He planned on using this knowledge, along with his experience in a physical therapy setting, and applying it to sports performance. This passion and devotion would drive him to decide that he wanted his future career to be involved with the progression of athletic performance, particularly in surfing. 


Russ Vastano

Assistant Sports Performance Coach

Russ picked up surfing as an alternative to competitive sports after high school, and after spending much of his childhood at the beach, he fell in love with the sport. Immediately hooked, he managed to make surfing the subject of his senior thesis while attending UCLA, where he graduated with degrees in Psychology and Social Thought. Russ has been a lifelong lover of all things related to athletics and adventure and now spends a lot of his time seeking waves along the Southern California coast. This led him to SRF where he has been constantly mentored by the SRF staff since 2012. Coaching, teaching, physical and mental health have been consistent passions of his, and is thrilled to embrace a new opportunity to pass this along.