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Do you surf to stay in shape or workout to catch more waves? Or just surf because you love it? You most likely answered YES to at least one of these questions. Regardless of your answer, we all want to get better at surfing and even if you don't enjoy working out, there are ways to improve your performance without stepping foot in a gym.

SRF is a sports performance gym that helps surfers of all levels improve performance thru functional training methods. It's not about lifting heavy weights or performing exercises that have zero carryover; it's about using a scientific approach to exercise programming and performing those movements and exercise routines in a safe and structured environment. A solid foundation is required before you start introducing more difficult exercises and that requires taking a step back and looking at the body as one moving unit. We have to put all of the pieces together if we want to move more efficiently and one basic approach isn't going to work for everyone. That's why we believe our Online Coaching Program is extremely well-rounded which will help you maximize your time in the water. 


With each workout you can expect to receive an all encompassing program which covers our SIX Pillars of programming:

  1. Muscle Activation & Movement Prep

  2. Functional Power & Strength

  3. Dynamic Stability & Balance

  4. Core & Flexibility

  5. Breathing & Alignment

  6. Endurance & Metabolic Conditioning


We guarantee results!

  • Online Coaching

    Every 4 weeks
    Customized workouts specific to your goals
    • Customizing programming for your goals
    • Video demonstrations
    • Free SRF App access with membership
    • 3 - 5 workouts per week
    • Weekly check-ins with your SRF Coach
    • Nutrition Coaching
    • Workouts designed specifically for your goals
    • Program feedback and goal setting
    • Cancel anytime

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