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Companies that support Surf Ready Fitness

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The Hydration Room

Whether you’re suffering from a cold or flu, battling a migraine, experiencing jet lag, seeking relief from sore muscles or chronic pain, waking up from a long night of over-indulgence, or just low in energy, IV hydration and injection therapy is the quickest way to help improve your symptoms and get you back to feeling your best. IV hydration therapies are quick, often under thirty minutes depending on your hydration status and needs. Injection therapy is also quick, and administered in a private room by our physicians or nursing staff.

The Hydration Room - 15% off

Vacancy Coffee

Appreciation of quality coffee brought us together.  All we needed was a vacant space.  We found it, welcome to Vacancy.

6480 W Coast HWY
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Vacancy Coffee - 10% off

Sessions Deli

A quality product stands alone. Whether it’s a simple side or a signature sandwich, everything comes from our scratch kitchen. We make sauces, dressings and sides in-house, and utilize fresh produce, natural meats, outstanding gluten-free options and locally baked bread that’s delivered daily. We're committed to keeping it real. It's something you can see, taste and feel every time you're here.

Sessions West Coast Deli - 10% off

PANDA Surfboards

PANDA Surfboards is a surfboard crafting project, drawn from the mind of shaper Blake Peters.

Panda Surfboards - 10% off

Pelagic sport fishing

PELAGIC GEAR was founded as a company devoted to those that live, dream, and stand by the ocean lifestyle. Born in Newport Beach, California (circa 2001), PELAGIC is deeply rooted in surf, fish, and dive culture; it is driven by an undying thirst to provide the worldwide public with a name brand that identifies themselves with a single love for the ocean. Combining casual lifestyle wear and high performance apparel, with headwear, footwear, gloves, and high end polarized optics, PELAGIC has it all.

Pelagic High Performance Offshore Gear - 10% off

Outpost Kitchen

Taking inspiration from the 1970s beach cafes of Australia, OUTPOST KITCHEN seeks to recreate the familiar feeling of a neighborhood meeting spot, the go-to place for clean fresh food after an epic session. A place to enjoy art, music and community in an industrial, yet modern environment with vintage details paying homage to the laidback Australian lifestyle.

Outpost Kitchen - 15% off excluding bottled drinks


We offer the Best Products in the Sports Supplementation, at the best prices! All our products are developed with health in mind, whether your a professional athlete, or starting your fitness journey, you can TRUST the products at Nutrishop. Featuring Exclusive Only Products Specific to Nutrishop and Popular Brand Names, we offer an array of products to fit your needs.

Nutrishop Newport Beach - 15% off

Mama's on 39th

Mama’s kitchen was always the one spot in our home where we gathered to enjoy each other and our Mama’s amazing cooking. We cherished the sweet aroma of homemade biscuits baking in the oven, the sounds of sizzling bacon and farm fresh eggs crackling on the stovetop. The refreshing lemonade and Mama’s secret recipes for anything and everything good kept us so comfy. Mama always knew how to make everything alright, regardless of the world around us. We love Mama so much, we want to share her with all of you!

Mama's Comfort Food - Free Appetizer

LEUS Towels

We live to be outside, under the sun, soaking in every moment. This spirit is represented with the LEUS icon, as the sun rises and sets over the ocean horizon. With our collective tribe of all day fun seekers, experience makers, and pool party crashers linked by a common love of good times—there’s no stamp of approval needed to vibe with our tribe. 
Inspired by the elements of life that excite us most, LEUS offers a diverse collection of products begging for adventure because everyone knows that fun feels better. This is how we live. This is LEUS.

Leus Towels - 15% off  *online code needed for purchase

futures fins

The Longo brothers had a reputation for tackling challenging aerospace parts and fabricating hydrogen fuel cells for research, but in 1996 they decided to combine their technical know-how with something they loved. Surfing. They have always considered building locally extremely important, and now this allows us at Futures to dream up a fin, design it, cut it and surf it, all in a matter of hours under one roof in Huntington Beach. With this ability, we constantly evolve our designs, creating new feelings and new experiences. Sharing these new innovations with other surfers is what fuels our devotion to progression.

Futures Fins - 20% off *online code needed for purchase

Indo Board

Indo Board was founded with the mission of bringing the fun and benefits of balance board training to everyone. The Indo Board (derived from the word indoor) was designed to be used indoors so that everyone from kids to senior adults to professional athletes could enjoy the benefits of balance training and balance board exercises.

Indo Boards - 10% off* online code needed for purchase

The Board Club

The Board Club is a Newport Beach surf club that provides our members with unlimited access and exchanges to a large variety of quality surfboards from established shapers throughout California.  From 7'2" single fins and old school longboards to the latest high-performance shortboards, every surfer now has the ultimate quiver for all wave conditions.  Membership also includes social events and activities, networking opportunities, surfboard design education, surf coaching, ocean skills and fitness training, photo and video surf sessions, and special discounts to local businesses throughout the Newport Beach community.

The Board Club - $80 membership

Banzai Bowls

We pride ourselves on the quality of everything we put into our bowls. Our honey is raw and sourced from a local bee farm. We offer superfoods like maca powder, bee pollen and chia. Our peanut butter and almond butter is organic, nothing is GMO, and our açaí is pure – unlike other chains that add fillers like lime juice and soy.

Banzai Bowls - 15% off

Jack's Surfboards

Since 1957, Jack's Surfboards has built a reputation as the premier surf retailer. We started by opening our first store in Huntington Beach at the corner of 101 and Main Street. Our passion for the waves and surf is what has continued to drive our growth and expansion. From the day we opened our doors we've been known as the #1 place to go to find the newest products from brands like Quicksilver, Billabong, Volcom, Nike SB, Channel Islands, Surftech, Nixon and many others. Our team of employees have spent countless hours researching, using and learning about the best surf products on the market. 

Jack's Surfboards - 15% OFF all regular priced clothing

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