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If you're looking for more personal attention or have a specific goal in mind then maybe personal training or semi-private training would be a better fit than our classes. Our SRF Staff Coaches have years of experience customizing individual performance programs which we will tailor your specific goals. We take a scientific approach to exercise programming and performing those movements and exercise routines in a safe and structured environment. A solid foundation is required before you start introducing more difficult exercises and that requires taking a step back and looking at the body as one moving unit. We have to put all of the pieces together if we want to move more efficiently and one basic approach isn't going to work for everyone. And that's why we recommend our private training programs for anyone who has specific goals and needs to get there quicker. 

What to expect with each workout

Each workout is roughly an hour long and will consists of our 6 Pillars of Programming found below. Depending on your goals, you may spend more time on one pillar than the others but you can expect to increase mobility, functional power & strength, balance, muscular endurance and overall health. We monitor your progress with our SRF Trainer App so you have real time results in the palm of your hand.

  • Dynamic flexibility warm-up

  • Movement prep & Muscle activation

  • Functional Power & Strength

  • Dynamic Stability & Balance

  • Core specific movements

  • Breathing & Alignment

  • Endurance & Metabolic Conditioning

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