The first gym for surfers

Our program is designed to help the average surfer catch more waves, feel stronger in the water and have more fun enjoying the sport you love



Training with Purpose!

Our goal at SRF is to help you feel better while moving more efficiently and pain free. We are a sports performance gym that helps surfers of all levels improve performance thru functional training methods. It's not about lifting heavy weights or performing exercises that have zero carryover to your  sport. 


We approach our programming scientifically which has yielded results for over 20 years. Our coaches are qualified with degrees and multiple certifications in which we have dedicated our lives to this industry. We guarantee our clients a safe and structured training environment where everyone progresses.


We work with surfers, athletes, moms, dads, groms and weekend warriors. Our program is designed to make you functionally stronger, more flexible, improved cardio, endurance and stability. We offer classes, online coaching, personal training and open gym hours. We also offer multiple membership options to give you the freedom for fitness as well as extracurricular activities outside the gym. We also have fun while we're here so come checkout our awesome community!