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Best Core and Abdominal Workouts for Surfers

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Dashel Pierson from let's Paul Norris from Surf Ready Fitness, take him through a functional core workout for surfers... interviews Paul Norris from Surf Ready Fitness about functional core workouts for surfers

For eons, the six-pack has been the holy grail of physical prestige. Ever seen the statue of David’s washboard abs? Dude’s cut. And yet, beyond looking great for nude statues of yore and your latest Tinder photo, a strong core is crucial for overall physical performance.

Think about your abs as the foundational support system for the rest of your body, the roots to your physical tree. Want to surf lightning fast like Filipe Toledo? Want to pull off elastic laybacks like Clay Marzo? Want to lay into wave-annihilating hacks like Taylor Knox? It all starts with a robust core.

And so, for the secret to achieving a strong core which will improve your surfing, we linked up with Paul Norris, founder of Surf Ready Fitness and longtime trainer of Kanoa Igarashi, for some ab-crushing workouts.

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