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Best Upper Body Workouts for Surfers

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Dashel Pierson from interviews Paul Norris, Founder of Surf Ready Fitness, on Upper Body Workouts for surfers to help keep them in shape when the waves are flat...

Best Upper Body Workouts for Surfers -

We’ve all been there. You’ve just completed a long paddle back to the lineup, your arms are burning, and a set wave comes directly to you. You have to go. But your arms are toast.

Whether you claw your way into the wave or not, you’re totally gassed. Beat. Bushwhacked. And you’re left wondering “what if?” What if you had spent more time working out your back and shoulders so a simple paddle out wouldn’t be so draining? Or what if you had spent more time in the pool swimming laps? Or less time curling donuts, and more time curling weights?

Well, fear not. We’re here to help you eliminate paddle fatigue and ensure that you catch that set wave with a full tank. And to do so, we enlisted the help of Paul Norris, founder of Surf Ready Fitness and longtime trainer of Kanoa Igarashi, who demo’d a few effective shoulder and back workouts specially designed for surfers.

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