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Best Leg Workouts for Surfers

Leg-burning exercises for scoring leg-burning waves -

Best Leg Workouts for Surfers -
"Never skip leg day."

This is a sacred proverb for meatheads and gym rats everywhere. Because legs aren’t the flashiest of muscle groups – especially for men – so it’s easy to neglect them. But those tank-top-wearing, testosterone-teeming fitness freaks in the gym know that your legs are your base; they’re your support system, which helps facilitate muscle growth across the entire body. And particularly when it comes to surfing, a sturdy set of stumps is crucial.

So, for strong legs to support strong surfing, we linked up with Paul Norris – founder of Surf Ready Fitness and longtime trainer of Kanoa Igarashi – for some muscle-building leg workouts specially designed for surfers.

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